Katy Cruel

Katy is a tough girl.  She is said to be a prostitute who was welcomed at first, but seems the town changed its mind.  I was first introduced to this song by Lisa Alexander of the Pine Beetles and also by Moira Smiley.  Both of them have this song recorded on their CDs in very different styles.  I love weaving counter-melody style harmony, so I added that to my version as well as the pulse of the frame drum.

When first I came to town,

They called me the roving jewel;

Now they've changed their tune,

They call me Katy Cruel,

Oh, diddle, i day,

Oh, the diddle i lie o day.

   Oh that I was where I would be,

   Then should be where I am not,

   Here I am where I must be,

   There I would be, I can not,


When first I came to town,

They brought me the bottles plenty;

Now they've changed their tune,

They bring me the bottles empty,


I know who I love,

And I know who does love me;

I know where I'm going,

And I know goes with me,


Through the woods I go,

And through the bogs and mire,

Straightway down the road,

And to my heart's desire,


Eyes as bright as coal,

Lips as bright as cherry,

and 'tis my own delight

To make the young men merry,


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