This is the first song in Irish Gaelic that I learned.  It is the beautiful lullaby you might recognize if you saw the movie The Secret of Roan Inish.  The song lists all the birds that go to sleep.  I am a bird watcher.  With this song, I learned 8 bird names in Irish!

I have been honored to sing this live with fellow singer, Ceridwyn Mizera and amazing fiddler, Michelle Levy.  On the CD, you will hear EJ Jones on flute.  

My greatest hope is that this track will do what a lullaby is meant to do - put you to sleep!   

Éiníní, éiníní, codalaígí, codalaígí.

Curfá: Codalaígí, codalaígí, cois an chlaí amuigh.

An londubh is an fiach dubh, téigí a chodladh, an chéirseach is an préachan, téigí a chodladh.

An spideog is an fhuiseog, téigí a chodladh, an dreoilín is an smóilín, téigí a chodladh.

Little birds, little birds, all sleep, all sleep.

Chorus: All sleep, all sleep, by the wall outside.

The blackbird and the raven, go to sleep, the female blackbird and the crow, go to sleep.

The robin and the lark, go to sleep, the wren and the thrush, go to sleep.

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