This gives you an idea how much I like the elegant, spare arrangements that let the work of Abby and the exceptional musicians working with her shine through.

~~ Jamie Haeuser, CD Review, Renaissance Magazine, Issue #81 2011 (Complete review here)

Her considerable talents with the language, and in music, are on ample display with the release of her excellent second album, "Fig for a Kiss."

~~ Southwest Celtic Music Association, Céilí, July - August 2011, (Complete review here)

Her clear voice compliments her own accompaniment on bouzouki and cittern while her talented entourage of backing musicians flavor the recording with various pipes, mandolin, and fiddle. Add harmonizing backing singers and clean, well-produced production values and instrument mixes and you’ve got one wonderful recording. You’ll put this one in your player often. 

~~Steve Behrens, 67 Music, March 8, 2011 (Complete review here)

Texas native Abby Green sounds as Irish as if she were from the Emerald Isle.  Her CD, "Éiníní," displays her considerable vocal range and talent and is a pleasurable time on the player.

~~Southwest Celtic Music Association, Céilí, March - April 2010 (Complete review here)

Abby's AWESOME Irish language workshop - no one else that I know of can talk about Irish like it isn't completely impossible!!

~~Leah Jorgensen, Houston harpist & singer, speaking of North Texas Irish Festival Gaelic Song workshop March 2010

It’s a good mix of sounds and languages. The songs are love ballads and Abby’s voice carries them in just the right, romantic way, wistful and passionate and longing by turns.  This is true of her English ballads as well, notably in the song “I Know My Love,” which she describes in her liner notes as a “silly song” sung in the voice of a naïve girl, full of the melodrama of the ardent young.

~~Charles Rammelkamp, CD Review, Renaissance Magazine, November 2010 (Complete review here)

Abby Green's Éiníní is, quite simply, gorgeous. Her voice is polished without ever sounding slick or generic, and the obvious pleasure she takes in her music is almost as great as the pleasure of listening to it.  This is her first solo CD, and may it be the first of many.

~~Tracey Stewart, CD Review, Celtic MP3s Music Magazine, July 2010 (Complete review here)

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