Is Trua Gan Peata


When I arrived at the studio, EJ Jones was already in the middle of tackling this tune.  I had already laid out the bouzouki and vocal tracks.  I looked at the mixing board and saw multiple bagpipe and flute tracks.  I thought at first that he just had many separate ideas, but then he played them all at once.  It was crazy and genius.  This track includes his entire woodwind orchestra.  What fun!  In total, there are 2 flutes, 3 Borders pipes, and 1 Scottish smallpipes.

I love singing jigs and reels.  This one is a jig technically, but not really in the tune form (if you're an Irish music instrumentalist, you get what I'm saying).  This is a fun happy song that like most jigs and reels in Irish has a rather odd translation.  Enjoy.

Is trua gan peata'n mhaoir agam, 's na caoirigh beaga bána


Curfa:  Is ó gairm, gairm thú,  A grá mo chroí gan chealg thú

Is ó gairm, gairm thú,  Tú peata beag do mháthair


Is trua gan maoinín bhán agam, 's fáilte ó mo ghrá geal


Is trua gan bólacht bainne agam,  's caitín ó mo mháthair


Is trua gan gabhairín bhuí agam, Is thabharfainn do mo stór í


It's a pity I don't have the keeper's pet, the small white sheep


Chorus:  And oh, I call you, I call you, I love you truly

And oh, I call you, I call you, You are your mother's little pet


It's a pity I don't have a little white calf and welcome of my true love


It's a pity I don't have a milking herd and a kitten from my mother


It's a pity I don't have a little yellow horse, I would give it to my darling

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